Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How Biosolids Can Be Dangerous For Agriculture

We know that biosolids are used as a substitute for the fertilizer that we already use. Many people see this as a good thing and many people see this as a bad thing. In this blog I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages as well as determining if this is the best possible solution.

Let's talk about some advantages first. First of all, we know that it's a fertilizer, so one good thing is that it is a free fertilizer. By doing this then it will promote farming and also create jobs for many people. It can also reduce the emissions from transportation to landfills as well as recycling instead of filling it up. Biosolids will reclaim land and also cost less to dispose of. It is also legal since it is in the regulation of EPA law 503. These are just a few advantages of biosolids, but now lets look at some of the disadvantages.

So now we move on to disadvantages and let us see why this is hurting the environment. First of all, its a health hazard and it may even contain hazardous chemicals. Even if it reclaims land, it will however make the land drop in price. It may even be transferable to crops. What it is really made of is unknown to anyone so it makes it even more of a threat. Whatever it causes, it will be irreversible. After a long period of time the contamination will accumulate into toxic waste. It also has really bad odour and is also not sufficiently regulated. Here are only a few of the many reasons that biosolids must be taken out of use.

Lastly lets talk about who would want to have a share in this and if this a good idea or a bad idea. Some stakholders of biosolids are coming from the municipal, provincial, federal and territorial agencies that are agreeing on this. They want to use enviromental benefits to help us, but they should know that they are hurting the earth rather than helping it. They don't know exactly what biosolids are and this in turn is like putting some random ingredient in the food you eat. This is why biosolids are a bad substitute for the normal agriculture ethics we do.



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Importance of Various Technologies

If it wasn't for technology, then our lives wouldn't be moving as fast. Thanks to technology, it has made locations closer and the world a smaller place to live. Electricity is the one thing that has powered up technology and has also lightened up our communities. Technology has also allowed us to use renewable energy to keep producing electricity. Natural water is now able to reach homes due to the advancement of technology throughout the world. We are also able to preserve and process food. Technology has also advanced the use of communication from pigeons carrying messages, to emails and instant messages.

Many people have also asked themselves "Why is technology important today", especially that everyone uses it everywhere. Technology was made slowly but did show a lot of promise from the early years. The start of the development was called "evolution". As the human race developed, so did technology to make the human life easier. Technology was also adapting to the environment that was growing with it. The Internet however is the biggest development for the human race. Medical technology has also been used to save many of our friends and family over time.

Technology is the one thing that no one is able to get away from. You can say that it is really the answer to all of Mankind's problems. It gives us comfort throughout our lives, as well as giving us the easy way in life. The faster speed that the world is moving at, then the faster technology will evolve. Take the laptop for example. Each year, it gets smaller and more compact each year while it gains more capabilities as well as performing at its best. With there being many developments, this has allowed scientists to make improvements of technology that we have today.



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Growing Population vs Conserving Biodiversity

People nowadays are asking for too much. The Earth's population is growing about 90 million people a year which is becoming a problem for the world. All the new arrivals in the world will need food, energy, clean water, sanitation, clothing, housing, schooling, healthcare, and employment. The environmental resources that we currently have are in decline. We do not have enough for our standard of living especially those in other countries. The increase in population is growing faster than we can make available resources.

In 1999, there was a survey done and showed there was about 6 billion in the world. The growing rate per year is about 1.9%, where before it was only 0.8% in about 1950. Between the years of 1950-1987, the world's population had doubled from 2.5 to about 5 billion. There was about an addition of 50 million people in the world in the year of 1950. By 1975 it had increased by 75 million then by 1992 it had increased by 93 million people. The United Nations believe that by 2050 we could have around 7.9 to 10.9 billion people on the Earth if we don't take any action now. No one had noticed that the population had increased so rapidly. Everything started around the 20th century where it just grew exponentially.

The fastest growing rate in a country is 90% and that is because this is coming from poorer countries. Developed countries made up one third of the world's population in 1950, but by 2100 they will make up only less then a quarter while only contributing 13%. One reason also for there being more people is because of people living longer due to improved food, health care and sanitation. In the last 30 years life expectancy increased in East Asia by 30 years and also in Africa by 15 years. In developed countries however, there isn't a high increase in population where it's only at a 43% growth instead of the 150% in developing countries.
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Many people do think we have enough resources, but the rate we are taking them then we won't have anything when 2025 comes. Consumption reductionists say that we should be responsible for the environmental degradation, the big consumers, and who should be the people who should change their lifestyle. The richer countries are also at fault since they try to gain population control to countries with high birth rates.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

All About Designer Babies

These designer babies that we hear about are all something that people have been doing. People say its a way to "change the genes or characteristics" of someone. This all comes from the rapidly advancement of technology and genetics which has allowed for this to happen. There have been many questions to how human genetics can be altered. One big question is what will be the impact on human genetics on society.

To do this will have to fertilize the eggs and sperms where they are in a test tube in a laboratory. Some people do this in order to choose the gender of the child, to choose what features they have and to help protect them against illness. Many people do it that way they have the perfect child, but the should know if it is safe or not. Other people do this in order to protect their children against any diseases.

Many people do not do this since it goes against what creating a baby stands for. Parents are never known for creating their own babies since they would like to see them grow into their own person. There are rarely any parents that would create their own baby. This is also something that doesn't happen very often. When parents do this they should know of how dangerous that this operation could be to the health of the parents and as well as the child.

There is another option that some parents have considered besides doing the operation. That option is cloning. Cloning is where they take the DNA of someone and create someone identical to that person. The only difference between the real person and the clone is that they would have a different personality. This is the only thing that will help you tell the different. Many people who do have clones for children could grow more attached to it, then their own son/daughter that wasn't.

In the society we live in today, we somewhat know that our parents do control some parts of our lives. They tell us what we should, become our make us go to certain schools, you could say that they are always controlling our lives. As children we should always try to do things on our own and make sure it goes to something good. This is our life where we must take control of it and where we must show people how we can make the smarter decisions.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Humans affect the Environment

There are many things that are happening right now in the world. Much of this however is affecting the very environment we live in. Many of the forests are being taken down, the polar ice caps are melting, and also the pollution that most parts have are atrocious. Some people are also taking the time to try and prevent all this from happening. Humans are the source of good and bad things. When we do something bad we try to do something good to balance it out. Since some of these things are our fault we should all try and fix what we have done.


The world that we live in is 30% trees but yet it doesn't even look like that much. With the trees being taken down, all the Rainforest's could be gone in about hundred years at this rate. Most of the time trees are just cut down for money, which must stop. Some loggers even go illegally to cut down trees in order to make a few bucks. Trees are also cut down due to the city growing bigger and bigger which makes more people come to live there. Deforestation's also has a negative effect leading to the loss of habitats to the many species living there. Majority of the land and water animals live in the Rainforest and they could be close to extinction.

Polar Ice Caps

Since ice covered most of the Earth thousands of years ago, we consider the ice caps a biome. But due global warming, both of the Earth's ice caps are currently shrinking, causing the water level to become much higher. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the sea level has increased by 6-8 inches over the past hundred years. As the heat rises than this will make some floating icebergs melt which will also make the oceans rise. Big chunks also fall off the icebergs that fall into the ocean making it rise a little bit.

In the US, factories release over 3 million tons of chemical waste in our air, water, land every year. This causes over 15 million acres of land to be lost every year. Pollution is not only caused by industrial waste, it is also caused by commercial waste. One of the biggest forms of pollution though is from transportation method. Pollution is mainly cause of human activities from anything that they do. Sometimes it can also be the cause of natural disasters that happen. The three main types of pollution are air pollution, land pollution, and water pollution.

With all this happening right now, there will be many things that will happen to the Earth. Everything that we are doing now will affect the future in a different way. This decisions today could decide the fate of our future. We would also like to make a better future for the next generation ahead of us. We should try fix what we have done today, that way we will have a better tomorrow.